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Does your wedding day have you...

Stressing about dress fittings?
Obsessing over what food to eat?
Nervous about wedding pictures?
Confused about where to start?
I get it, girlfriend! You’re stuck between imagining how stunning you'll look walking down the aisle and feeling overwhelmed by the process of actually getting there.

That’s why I founded the Bride Nutritionist - a science based approach built by dietitians and mindful eating experts.

The "I DO Healthy" framework is designed to make weight loss stress-free and sustainable, so you can look your best on your big day and for your happy (+ healthy) ever after.

The Bride Nutritionist

Meet Stephanie Heflin MPH RD
Your Registered Dietitian & Weight Loss Expert
I am a strong believer that our body's are unique and our nutrition should be too! The Bride Nutritionist was founded with the mission of helping brides feel confident and healthy, not only for their wedding, but for a lifetime. I specialize in helping brides and bridesmaids navigate a stress-free weight loss journey that leaves them feeling confident, gorgeous, and even more excited to walk down the aisle!

My method ditches the crash diet mindset and focuses on a balanced approach. That way you can lose weight while including all your favorite foods and building healthy habits for you and your future family!
- Steph
P.S. I also help many non-brides and newlyweds reach their goals and improve their nutrition. All ladies working towards a healthier future are always welcome!
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Board Certified Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Researcher
Masters Degree in Nutrition & Public Health - UNC Chapel Hill
Certified Moderation & Wellness Coach
OCB Natural Bikini & Body Building Reserve Champion
Engineer Turned Foodie and Fitness Expert!
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Tools built to grow your business

When ourselves, the his in able help let bored avoid neuter. A remember analyzed it someone one the and interfaces mechanic. The voice brown saw we best that proportion no his eyes. And.
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Tools built to grow your business

When ourselves, the his in able help let bored avoid neuter. A remember analyzed it someone one the and interfaces mechanic. The voice brown saw we best that proportion no his eyes. And.
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Happy + Healthy Bride Clients

wedding weight loss before and after client testimonial
...down 25lbs & kept it off post wedding...

“With Steph's help, I lost 25lbs, so many inches, and feel much more confident in all of my clothes. Now I'm 1 year post-wedding & have maintained my weight loss and healthy habits!"
- Chelsea

wedding weight loss before and after client testimonial
...feeling strong & not stressed around food...

"Steph helped me reach my goal of transitioning to a plant-based diet and becoming stronger in the gym. Loving my physique, making PRs at the gym, and feel way less stressed around food!"
- Caitlyn

wedding weight loss before and after client testimonial
...I now know what works for my body...

"Feeling amazing after focusing on my health and nutrition! My relationship with food is so much better now that I know how to properly fuel my body. My mind and body feel so strong!"
- Erin

wedding weight loss before and after client testimonial
...lost 5 inches & no more food guilt...

"I have lost over 5 inches off my waist and ran my first 10k! I'm also enjoying pizza (without guilt) and have found how to balance my health with a busy school schedule!"
- Becca

wedding weight loss before and after client testimonial
...Steph made it all click for my health....

"Down 10lbs in 12 weeks! Having consistency with meals, movement, & mindset made everything click for my health. I feel so supported, cared for, & glad I got to work with Steph!"
- Stephanie

wedding weight loss before and after client testimonial
...down 10lbs & eating more food...

"I'm down 10lbs and am eating more food than before! My energy improved and it's nice having meals that I enjoy. I felt fantastic at my first dress fitting and can't wait for our engagement shoot!"
- Tori

So, you're engaged!

This should be a happy time! This is a happy time – but something inside of you is eating away at your confidence.

Right now you’re stuck between imagining how great you are going to feel walking down the aisle in your wedding dress, and being scared to death that you won’t actually be able to make it happen in time. 

You wish you knew exactly how to feel healthy, lose weight, and look your best for your wedding…but the diet plans you have tried didn’t feel healthy and left you stressing about food. 

And every time you start, there is this wave of conflicting information about weight loss. You don’t know what’s right for your body and you don’t want to mess it up this time….it is your wedding after all.  

But you don't know where to start.

You are constantly thinking about dress shopping, bachelorette weekends, and wedding pictures, but right now you can’t help but feel stuck and overwhelmed about how to make it happen. 

I get it….I've been there babe.

Stop stressing for one second and ask yourself… would your life change if you had a simple plan, you felt in control, and you were able to make progress no matter if its Monday at work or Friday out with your fiancé?

Right now you’re overwhelmed, stressed out, and the pressure of the wedding timeline is not making things easier. 
You are determined to reach your goals, but you also know that a crash diet is no longer the answer for you.

You are ready to get healthy, happy, and learn what works for your body!

But Steph…..I’ve tried everything.

Diets and meal plans failed you in the past because you need to learn one very important thing…..

Your body is unique, and your nutrition should be too

You need to truly understand how your body works, what habits seamlessly work with your lifestyle, and what healthy looks life for you. If not…the results won’t last and you will end up frustrated and give up on your goals.

That’s why I want to build with you a better, more sustainable way, of reaching your goals. All while learning about your body.

However, it all comes down to being committed to your goals and your health.....

It's time to say "I DO" to you!

The I DO Healthy Approach

Meals You Enjoy

There’s more to it than hitting your protein goals. Learn what food works for your body, skin, digestion, and find meals you enjoy eating. All foods can fit…because we know restriction doesn’t work.

Customized Movement

No more dreading workouts and wasting time wandering around the gym. Your new workout program can be done at home, the gym, or include your favorite workout class!

Mindset Coaching

Change your mindset change your world – but how? Overcome negative self-talk and improve your relationship with food and your body. Ready to love yourself and your progress?

1:1 Accountability

Not sure what to order when going out? Want to share a win? Getting ready for dress shopping? The Bride Nutritionist is here for it all – that’s how you see progress & become confident navigating any situation.

A Clear Plan

1:1 coaching allows you to get customized plans that work with your body, food preferences, lifestyle, and schedule. You and The Bride Nutritionist make sure that your plan works for your goals.

Online Access

No more searching the internet. It’s time to learn about your body.
Access to 50+ meals, movement and mindset modules dedicated to showing you what your body needs for progress.

Say "I DO" To Your Health

This weight loss approach is designed for ladies who are ready to commit to their goals, lose weight, tone up, and feel healthy….especially if you have tried and failed other diets before. The I DO HEALTHY approach is not a “quick-fix” crash diet that only works for the first month then leaves you stuck drinking protein shakes every day. It isn’t another band-aid solution that tells you what to do but doesn’t help you figure out how. You need to learn about your body, to ensure lasting progress!

The approach works, but it's NOT for must be:
Fully committed to improving your health
Ready to move away from yo-yo diets & focus on lasting change
Willing to take action and learn about your body
So here's the question....are your ready to say "I DO" to your health, your body and your goals?

To learn more about this approach and start getting wedding dress ready, schedule a free Discovery Call with The Bride Nutritionist. On the call we will dig into where you are at with your health & wellness, what you have tried (or haven’t), what’s working and what’s not, and get clarity around what you would need to feel confident and healthy by your wedding day.

You can start by booking a time for your Discovery Call below:
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FAQ's & Reviews

I’ve tried so many things, what if this doesn’t work for me?

This is not a quick-fix weight loss program. If that is what you are looking for, then this may not work for you. This program is backed by science and evidence-based practices and focuses on meals, movement, and mindset. This means that you will not only transform your body, but you will gain the tools and knowledge you need to live a healthy lifestyle If you are ready, willing and able to be coachable to make a change....I  guarantee the results!

What are Steph's credentials?

Board Certified Registered Dietitian
Dietetic Internship (Walter Reed Hospital)
Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics (MPH - UNC Chapel Hill)
Bachelor of Science in Engineering (UC Davis)
Moderation 365 Weight Loss & Workout Certification
Healthy At Every Size (HAES) - Intuitive Eating Certification
OCB Natural Bikini & Body Buiding Reserve Champion
Experience with 200+ bride & babe clients

Do you give meal plans and workout plans?

Yes and no! I'm not here to tell you what to eat and when to eat it because what I like to eat you might hate. Your client portal will have a library of meal options, but I'm here to guide you in the right direction and provide suggestions based on your goals. Instead of meal plans, I provide you with calorie and nutrition targets. As for workouts, you get on a tailored plan based on your equipment access (gym or home), your current capabilities, and your goals. Each plan looks slightly different!

What if I'm not a Bride?

As an expert in women's weight loss, I help all women improve their nutrition, learn more about their bodies, and build a healthy lifestyle. While I specialize in helping brides tone with an approaching wedding deadline, my gentle nutrition approach can help all ladies build healthy habits and finally make peace with food. Brides, wives, and babes are all welcome!

200+ Happy & Healthy Bride Clients

"I've always been active and relatively healthy, but I wanted to take my nutrition & fitness to the next level. Steph guided me through a strength training program and I am actually eating more than I was previous...down 15lbs and feeling stronger than ever." 

Megan M.
San Diego, CA

"As someone who struggled with emotional eating and yo-yo dieting for years, I was hesitant to try another weight loss program. But Steph's approach was different and exactly what I needed.  I learned to listen to my body, honor my cravings, and was able to eat out without feeling guilty. I not only lost weight and toned up, but I no longer stress about food."

Ana B.
Boston, MA

"I pushed off wedding dress shopping for several months because I was nervous about how I looked. Steph's approach not only helped me drop 10lbs, but I now feel more energize and confident."

Mallory O.
Chicago, IL

"If you are thinking about it do it! Steph has helped me more than I could have imagined. My meals are better, I love my workout routine, and my mindset has never been better. A year later and I'm excited to start a family!"

Lilly A.
London, UK

"I was freaking out about my first dress fitting, but it actually had to be taken in! I can't thank Steph enough for her guidance and support."

Maria L.
Austin, TX
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